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“We are here to give you the joy of a new look, a conscious mind and a gracious attitude.”

Kath -a - porter collection is created by a selection of pre- loved branded items, reworked vintage pieces and deadstock treasures. Offered to you monthly in contemporary colour stories.

We strongly believe fashion is no longer about producing, it’s about long lasting, re-vising, quality & context.

To us, fashion is about uplifting what is left and putting it in a new and exciting light.

Colour of the month

Wild Peach

This month of May the focus is on peach. A unique mixture of orange, yellow, and white, peach earned its name from the exterior shade of the fruit.Peach can be described as a pale yellow, pink. Most peach tones are warm pinkish-orange tones that blend well with all tones of neutrals.

When wearing peach it will make you feel more tender and elegant; it is associated with freshness and spring, it is also well suited for the upcoming summer season.

Peach tones range from pink colours to predominantly orange tones. Some shades have a dusty or grayish tone, while others tend to be brown .Peach in designs feels comforting and evokes a sense of warmth, joy, and youthfulness.

So, let's peach- up !