Suit yourself !

Reworked vintage men's suit

Suit Yourself!

“We are here to give you the joy of a new look, a conscious mind and a gracious attitude.”

Kath -a - porter collection is created by a selection of pre- loved branded items, reworked vintage pieces and deadstock treasures. Offered to you monthly in contemporary colour stories and concepts

We strongly believe fashion is no longer about producing, it’s about long lasting, re-vising, quality & context.

To us, fashion is about uplifting what is left and putting it in a new and exciting light.

The AristoKaths

The AristoKaths

The AristoKaths

The AristoKaths

The AristoKaths

The Aristokaths

The Duchess Heritage

Somewhere between the " Haves" and the "Haves Nots" you'll find the gap i'd like to serve.

Concepts like " noblesse oblige", "giving back" , and "less is more" are not just a bunch of hollow phrases. They are today's shady reality.

I believe in looking good while doing good, in preloved, vintage, upcycled and made to measure collections.

I also believe in a concept as 1 size fits all as it's not so much the clothes that make the men but the men that make the clothes.

This months AristoKaths embody these thoughts as they have style, and attitude without ever taking themselves too serious.